New Features in version 8

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New Features in version 8

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*$$ New Add-on Module: Bump Station add-on

This is a paid add-on module.  A PC may be configured to become a "bump" check-in station.  Individuals or teams are selected by boat number and their fish weighed, dead fish and short fish are entered and penalties are calculated accordingly.  As anglers are bumped they are placed into a weigh-in queue by check-in time which is used by the main or stage PC to select the next to be weighed.


Additional Requirement: a client access license (CAL) is required to be purchased to allow an additional PC to access the data in a network setup.


*$$ New Add-on Module: SMS Through Twilio add-on

This is a paid add-on module.  It isl be the user's responsibility to get an account with Twilio.  Twilio offers an extremely inexpensive interface to accept data from the Tournament Keeper and send a text message to provided phone numbers.  Twilio messages usually cost less than $0.01 per message.  Kore information is available at


The SMS option will be available on the tournament registration windows.  Initial concept is to send information to tournament participants.  Currently available is boat numbers and partner assignments with phone numbers.  Also a general message can be sent out to selected or all participants.  What does not work at this time is breaking a long text up if it exceeds 160 characters.


New program registration process does not expire the activation code

Modified: Activations with version 7 would expire after 10 days.  They would have to be re-issued if needed again. Now they don't expire.


New PC Role setting is under the File menu

New: If the Bump PC module is ordered, the program will have an option under the File menu that if checke3d, will turn the weigh-in process fore a tournament into the Bump Station process.


New Bump program is now hooked into the Tournament Schedule

New: If the Bump PC module is ordered and the PC Role is switched to Bump PC, the weigh-in button will now show Bump Station and start the bump program when clicked.


Added: Pro-Am Format Standings Window

Added: A new standings window specifically designed to display the standings of a Pro-Am (Boater/Non-boater) tournament.


Added: Open Tournament has been added to the event setup options. An "open" tournament for either a team or individual draw is considered a "no year-to-date" tournament where the anglers are NOT validated or added to the membership.  So any name may be entered.


Added: New Tie  Breaker Option for Weigh-in Time and Largest Daily Weight

Added: Preferences Tie Breaker tab adding the weigh-in time option

Modified : Team and Individual (draw and pro-am) adding a column for weigh-in time

Modified: Team and Individual (draw and pro-am) weigh-in form showing the time weigh-in started or was completed

Added: Preferences Tie Breaker tab adding the largest daily weight for multi-day tournaments (BASS requirement)


Added New Registration Fees

Added: Separate entry and option fees for boaters and non-boaters.

Added: Option to set non-boater fees same as boater fees

Added: Registration and option fees may be reloaded (good for existing customers to updates existing tournament registrations).


Added New Total Registered Anglers or Teams Shown on Tournament Schedule

Added: Total registered anglers of teams to the tournament schedule.


Added New Boater and Non-boater Payback Calculations

Added: The payback calculations can now optionally be separated by boater and non-boater or combined for one payback.  The options before setting up the payback variables are "All," "Boater" or "Non-boater."  Team paybacks will always be considered "All."


Added: Big Fish Payouts Generated

Added: Big fish payouts are now automatically generated during the Apply Paybacks process based on the entries in the Payback Calculator.


Added New Pro-Am Format Standings Window

Added: A new standings window specifically designed to display the standings of a Pro-Am (Boater/Non-boater) tournament.


Added New Weigh-in Monitor Window

New: If you use an extended monitor for audience viewing during weigh-in, you optionally can open a Weigh-in Monitor window.  It floats just like the Standings window and can be moved to the extended monitor and resized.  The Weigh-in Monitor shows who is currently weighing in. As the number of fish, weight and big fish are entered into the weigh-in form by the weigh master, the Weigh-in Monitor echos those updates.


Added: Weigh-in Monitor Color Picker

New: The colors for the Weigh-in Monitor window can be configured to best suit your needs.  Using the Windows Color Picker the background and text colors can be changed.


Added New Tournament Expense Report

New: Tournament Expenses Audit Report has been added to Payback Audit Menu


Added New Individual Angler and Team Tournament "No Show" and "Dropped Out" Tracking

Added: An angler or team can be marked as "No Show" or "Dropped Out" and not be visible during the tournament.  This can be done in lieu of deleting them from the tournament.  A historical record will be made and can be part of the registration information. Registration reports modified.


Added New Totaling Tournament Options

Added: Totals for tournament options were missed in version 7.  They are added to the registration reports.


Added New CSV Import/Export Program

New: A new program has been added to allow users to import a CSV (comma separated values) file containing their membership information into the Tournament Keeper. The program will also allow the user to export the membership into a CSV file for their own use.


Added New: Setup/Configure 1099s

Through the Preferences, the Payers details for the 1099 form can be entered.


Added New: Bulk membership Deletion

Members may be selectively tagged for bulk deletion. Optionally the query wizard may be used to selected a specific group of members to be tagged.


Added New: Total Fish Weighed and Dead on Multi-Day Weigh-slips

Both the Team and Individual (and Pro-Am) will show total fish weighed and dead on multi-day weigh-slips at the bottom with total tournament weight


Added New: Program will prompt for a backup after some number of shutdown cycles.  

The number is configurable in the Preferences.  Default is 5 shutdowns.


Added New: Automatic new version check on start-up

To keep users up-to-date with the latest minor version and build, the program will check the web site for a newer build on each start-up


Added New: Paired Team's may now be put into separate divisions

Optionally paired teams may be placed into separate divisions with unique team numbers. Each division will have team numbers starting at one. This is controlled in the Preferences on the Team /Non-Member Scoring tab.  Left unchecked, teams will be numbered sequentially as they are currently.


Added New: Bulk Paired Team Deletions

As with the membership, paired teams may be deleted in bulk based on any criteria specific to the paired team using the Query Wizard and tagging the teams for deletion.


Added New: Query Function for Membership Bulk Emails

The Query Wizard has been added to the bulk email process. Now members may be filtered down to specific criteria.


Added New: Weigh-in Point-in-Time Disaster Recovery Process

Added: In the Preferences, a disaster recovery option may be set on for each tournament

Added: In the Individual Draw/Pro-Am and Team Weigh-in List an option to restore the recovery file which will put the weigh-in at the point when the system crashed.


Added: Multiple Daily Weigh-ins

There is now an option when setting up a tournament where it can be configured for multiple weigh-ins throughout the day.  Fish limits will be observed and must be specified when setting up the tournament.


Added New: Tournament Expense and Year-To-Date Expense Reports

Added: Expense reports are available for all tournaments that have had expenses entered through the Tournament Expense update process.

Added: Year-To-Date reports are available from the Year-To-Date menu for any selected division.  Multiple divisions may be selected.


$$ this is an optional paid add-on module